Anal Toys And Anal Beads Guide

Looking for anal sex toys? Then read our handy introduction first to help find the right ones for you!

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is when the anus of the male or female is penetrated by a penis. However, anal sex can also be experienced through using various anal toys to simulate penetrative sex upon someone's anus.

Anal sex is not just limited to the act of penetrative anal play, either with a penis or sex toy, but also covers anal fingering and anilingus (rimming). If you are thinking about indulging in anal sex, please use lubricants specially formulated for anal sex, such as Anal Ease Desensitizing Lubricant or Aquaglide Anal Lubricant, and always wear a condom for penetrative sex and a dental dam for anilingus.

What are anal toys?

Anal Sex Toys come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and materials, and offer a multitude of different sensations, promising orgasmic experiences reached through the penetration and stimulation of the anus.

Anal sex toys are specifically designed for anal use and are therefore easy to identify. The most common feature of anal sex yoy is the flared-base or easy-grip handle, making sure that during play and insertion the toy does not become stuck or indeed fully submerged in the anus.

Anal toys are also compatible with lubes and condoms, although you should always check what material your anal sex toy is made from if you are using it with a silicone lube, for example, a silicone lube will wear away a silicone anal toy.

Types of anal toys

We offer a huge selection of anal sex toys at Bedroom Pleasures, so you'll never be short of inspiration for your next anal session. If you are new to anal sex, we recommend you start off with Anal Beads, which offer a selection of different sized beads that you can 'pop' in and out of your anus leading up to and during orgasm for an intense experience. The different sized beads will also help you get accustomed to taking different sizes.

Anal Vibrators are pretty straightforward, offering penetration of the anus with a combined vibrating experience. Again, Anal Vibrators come in a variety of sizes ranging from the mini to the mighty. Butt Plugs are probably the most popular anal sex toy we carry, and come in a variety of different forms including vibrating, glass, aluminum, ribbed, bendy, stainless steel, chrome, jelly, rubber and plastic.

When it comes to butt plugs, the sky's the limit! If you're new to anal and butt plugs, the natural place to start would be with a small plug, such as the Tantus Purple Haze Small Butt Plug or the My First Anal Experience butt plug. If you want to make a fashion statement with your butt plug, head for the Njoy Pure Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug.

And it's not just about butt plugs either; there are creams available to apply to your anus for different sensations, such as warming and desensitizing - the Pjur Analyse Me Desensitising Spray is particularly good for easing newcomers into anal play.

Lastly, if you're worried about anal hygiene before and after anal sex, use an Anal Douche. Simply fill your anal douche with water, insert the tip into your anus, and then squeeze the water in gently. Once you feel the urge to go the loo, do so! If you want to be completely sure before play, keep using the anal douche until clear water runs from you. If you intend on this multi application method, leave it at least 15 minutes before each try.