Boutique Sex Toys

Looking for boutique sex toys? Then read our handy introduction first to help find the right ones for you!

What are boutique sex toys?

Just like luxury products in all other aspects of consumerism, you can buy Luxury sex toys, otherwise known as boutique sex toys. This level of toy represents the very essence of luxury. Toys that are found in this bracket are exquisitely designed, offering the very best materials for that product that money can buy, and are often likened to works of art in their appearance. They may seem an unnecessary expenditure, but many people would disagree.

For something so intimate as a toy that stimulates and penetrates you on a daily, weekly basis, why put a price on it? Boutique sex toys are for people who want their sex toys to be as beautiful as the experience they bring to their owner. Luckily for those of you who crave boutique sex toys and have the money to spend, there's a lot to choose from.

Types of boutique sex toys

You can find a boutique item in most lines of toys, and these items can range in price from a reasonable £50 to a high-rolling £799! For the most part, a boutique sex toy will have a definite defining feature that sets it apart from the rest. Take the Lelo Yva 18K Gold-plated Rechargeable Vibrator: at £799 some people might be too scared to actually take it out of its box, but that would be a huge waste. The Lelo vibrator is a work of art, but is also one of the most powerful vibrators ever made. Smooth as silk, delicately hand-finished and ergonomically designed to follow your every curve, the Lelo Rechargeable Vibrator is one of only a few that has the orgasmic Midas touch.

Carrying on our Midas theme, the JimmyJane Little Something Gold Vibrator is versatile and beautifully strong in a 24K gold finishing at £174.99. Glass dildos are another set of boutique sex toys, and we absolutely adore the Phallix range including the Gold Wrap Juicer at £134.99 and the kaleidoscope Twisted Lattachino Love Wand at £79.99. If you're hot on metal dildos, we would also recommend the exclusive Njoy Eleven Steel Double Ended Dildo (£219.99), which is one of the most exquisite dildos we have ever seen.

But its not just dildos and vibrators that dominate the upper echelons of sex toys. Glass and steel butt plugs are often found in the boutique section, such as the Phallix glass butt plug at £79.99 and the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 P-spot Simulator for £82.99. Boutique bondage toys are also available, with our favourites including the MyStim Pure Vibes Electro Sex Stimulation Unit for £89.99, which sends out sexually stimulating electrical currents, along with The Love Swing (£129.99) and Spartacus 36" Leather Strap Whip (£58.99).

Top 5 boutique sex toys

Still in need of some boutique inspiration? Here are our Top 5 boutique sex toys:

1) Lelo Yva 18K gold-plated Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator £799.99
2) JimmyJane Little Something Platinum Vibrator £219.99
3) Njoy Eleven Steel Double Ended Dildo £219.99
4) Phallix Glass Martina Warren Signature Series Baton £128.99
5) Fun Spinning Sex Swing £119.99