Condom Guide

Looking for condoms? Then read our handy introduction first to help find the right johnnies for you!

What are condoms?

Condoms date back to the late 19th century, with the first latex model introduced much later in 1920, and polyurethane condoms in 1994. Basically known as an effective barrier method for preventing pregnancy during sex or the transference of STI's, condoms have a 98 per cent success rate of preventing pregnancy.

Statistics aside, condoms should be the main staple of your sex life if you don't want to run the risk of an STD or becoming pregnant! Known by a multitude of different names (johnnies, rubbers, skins, sheaths, safes, dick socks, etc), there is an extensive range of condoms available to buy now, for both men and women.

Types of condoms

The major brands of condoms that we stock here at BedroomPleasures include Durex, Trojan, Condomi, Safex, Mates and Pasante.

Gone are the days of inch-thick condoms that you had to wash out in the bath and reuse; now you can enjoy variations such as ribbed and contoured (condoms with raised dimples or ridges for vaginal pleasure), flavoured, extra thin (for increased sensitivity - perfect if you don't like wearing condoms), performance enhancing (normally with Benzocaine to hold off your climax for longer), extra large and XXL (for bigger members), warming, tingling, supersafe (with nonoxynol 9 spermicide) and specially lubricated.

There are also condoms available for women, if your man doesn't like wearing one or if you don't want to run the risk of catching STI's from other girls (although Dental Dams should be worn for maximum safety and hygiene if you're practicing oral sex). Female condoms are inserted into the vaginal canal, lining the vagina to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

How to use a condom

It may have been a while since that embarrassed demonstration from your teacher in Sex Ed class, but condoms are pretty straightforward to use:

Take one condom out of the box and unwrap it carefully by peeling open the packet down one side - be careful not to tear the actual condom.

Next, pull the condom out of the wrapper and unroll it slightly to find out which is the right way round. Gently pull back you foreskin then place the condom squarely over the tip of your penis, holding the 'teat' end between your thumb and forefinger.

Continue to hold the teat of the condom as you roll the condom down the shaft towards the base of your penis. Leave a small, airless pocket at the teat end of the condom in order for your sperm to collect safely during ejaculation.

If you pulled back you foreskin when putting the condom on, now push it forward to enable your penis to move freely during sex without tearing the condom.

Dos and don'ts:

Always check the expiry date of your condom before using it - never strap on an out of date rubber!

Don't use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms, as the oil will eat away at the condom, rendering it ineffective.

Do use water-based lubricants with your condoms to make sex more enjoyable

Don't reuse a condom - the majority are designed for one time use only!

Don't regularly use condoms with the spermicide Nonoxynol 9, as some studies have shown that regular use leads to small abrasions on the penis and even the inner rectum.

Do store your condoms in a dry, cool place.