DVD's and Books

Looking for erotic books and DVDs? Then read our handy introduction first to help find the right ones for you!

What are erotic books and DVDs?

Erotic books and DVDs contain sexually explicit content primarily aimed at people aged 18 or over, and although erotic books do not carry age classifications, its best not to leave them lying around if you have children and young adults in your home.

There are thousands of books and DVDs available, and the beauty of buying them online is that no one has to see you buy them if you don't want them to! Educational, instructional, sexual technique-focused, soft porn, erotica, documentary style and female-focused DVDs and books are available.

Types of erotic books and DVDs

If you're a gal buying an erotic DVD and you wish to steer clear of anything overly porn-tastic, female porn director Anna Span has a great range of erotic DVDs shot especially with women in mind. You won't see any 'money shots' in these movies, but they will make you feel incredibly horny!

Educational and instructional DVDs are a brilliant buy if you want to explore different sexual techniques, or even work on yours. We have loads for you to choose from but if you want an instructional DVD that's a bit raunchier than the standard, keep an eye out for DVDs like the Playboy Workout For Lovers. It's hot and you'll get some great ideas for different sexual positions too!

For those of you who like your porn more full on, we have an entire section of DVDs dedicated to your needs with the XXX Hardcore DVD range. We also have DVDs dedicated to lesbian sex, gay sex, sex with big-titted beauties and erotic movies with actual plot lines if that's your bag, too!

For books, you can buy everything from educational reads to erotic short stories and more, and we have classified them into different price groups depending on how much you want to spend on your erotic literature. Guides to foreplay, specialist books on oral sex - for him and for her - illustrated picture guide books to sexual positions, sex toy guides, anal sex, and even books on how to enlarge your penis and how to flirt are all extremely useful and should form part of your sex arsenal.

BP Top 5 erotic books and DVDs

We love erotic books and DVDs, so here is our Top 5 to help you get started: