Glass Dildos

If you're looking for a unique dildo with a difference, glass dildos are the way to go.

Bedroom Pleasures' range of glass dildos demonstrate an amazing range of sex toy innovation - from straight glass dildos to glass vibrators, our glass dildos will help you on your way to encountering a heightened level of sexual pleasure!

Glass dildos - a bright and colourful experience!

Unlike realistic dildos or silicone dildos, our glass dildos are shiny and colourful pieces of erotic art that their owner won't want to hide away!

Choose glass sex toys and dildos for more bedroom fun

If you're looking for non-silicone dildos, glass dildos are a great alternative. Moreover, the Phallix range of glass dildos are hand-blown and dishwasher safe - so you can be sure of better sex toy hygiene when you buy glass dildos.

So don't hide your dildos away! With Bedroom Pleasures' range of glass dildos, you'll be the proud owner of a bright sex toy that you'll want to show the world.