Guide To Lubricants

Looking for a new lubricant? Then read our handy introduction to lubes to help find the best one for your needs!

What is lubricant?

Quite simply, any two moving body parts rubbing against each other are going to cause a certain amount of friction, and lubricant (also known as lube) is a liquid introduced to make that friction much more pleasurable.

Available to buy in bottles, tubes and sachets, lubricants are used for all sorts of sexual play from foreplay and fondling through to penetrative vaginal and anal sex. Depending on the sexual act you're practicing, you will be able to find a lubricant designed specifically to enhance your experience.

As a general rule, water based lubricants are perfectly safe for use with condoms and sex toys, while silicone based lubricants are best reserved for water play as they don't dissolve in water - although be careful not to use them with any sex toys made of silicone, as they will wear down the material.

Types of lubricant

Where do we start? You are spoiled for choice when it comes to lubricants. If you want something tasty to make oral sex more exciting when giving, you should check out our extensive range of Flavoured lubricants. With flavours including strawberry, bubblegum, kiwi, watermelon and sweet cherry, you can literally have a different flavoured lube for each day of the week.

If you fancy a lube that enhances different sensations during sex or foreplay, go for a Tingling or Warming lubricant; the former is usually mint flavoured and provides a luscious cooling, tingly effect on your bits, while the later has a warming effect: each have a dramatic effect on your penis, clitoris and breasts.

Anal lubricants are by nature are a bit thicker than other lubricants, ensuring a smooth and comfortable glide for both of you. You can also buy Anal lubricants with desensitizing agents (most contain a mild anesthetic called Benzocaine), in effect numbing your anus so that penetrative sex in this area is more comfortable.

Water based lubricants will form the basis of your lube collection, as they are compatible with condoms, sex toys and are extremely easy to wash off (all lubricants wash off with hot, soapy water). Silicone lubes are also available, but these should not be used in conjunction with a sex toy made of silicone. Silicone lubricants usually feel incredibly silky to the touch and are soluble even in water, so if you're thinking of shower play with your partner, opt for a silicone lube.

How to use lubricant

Lastly, always read the instructions of your lubricant each time you buy a new bottle. The general application method is to pump or squeeze a generous dollop into your hand then apply to your desired body part, including the penis, vagina anus and nipples. Have fun!