Introduction To Lingerie

Looking for sexy lingerie? Then read our handy introduction first to help find the right style for you or your partner!

What is sexy lingerie?

As you may have guessed from the title, we won't be talking about granny pants, control underwear or cotton bloomers in this guide. Lingerie is meant to be sexy, so think lace, satin and frills and you're in the right ballpark.

Lingerie covers a huge spectrum of underwear and nightwear, but what sets it apart from day-to-day wear is the luxury fabrics and styles on offer, which are far saucier than the your basic white cotton panty. Mainstay lingerie fabrics include leather, lace, satin, chiffon and silk, with a few hardwearing beauties such as cotton and polyester popping up in the mix.

Buying the right style of lingerie for your lover or for yourself depends on what statement you want to make and when and where you want to wear the lingerie. For example, suspender belts and stockings look incredibly hot and can be worn under dresses and skirts, but wear them underneath a figure-hugging pencil skirt and you'll have more than a VPL on your hands! So keep in mind what you'll be doing while wearing your lingerie, and buying will be an absolute doddle for you.

Types of sexy lingerie

If you want to keep your nightwear ultra feminine, babydolls are a great starting point. Most babydolls come in floaty materials such as silk, chiffon and satin, as well as the more exotic PVC and vinyl, and open at the front so that the torso is exposed. Babydolls are great for showing off your midriff and a decent amount of cleavage, and they almost always come with a matching thong or brief. Although technically you can buy garments described as babydolls without the front opening, they are more like chemises.

Chemises, often referred to as Negligees, skim the butt cheeks and can be purchased in a plethora of sexy colours, fabrics and designs to suit all shapes and sizes. Unlike baby dolls, chemises and negligees do not open at the front, so if you're happy to show ample leg and bosoms but would rather keep that tummy and hips under wraps, chemises are for you! They're also great if you like cup support for your boobs, as most chemises have handy underwired bra cups built in to the garment for extra "oomph!"

Camisole sets are another great addition and are simply made up of a camisole and matching pants. Cami tops can be mid-riff length and floaty or a longer length bra, with the pants coming in various shapes such as high-leg, boxer and thong. Teddie and Bodies also feature highly in the lingerie stakes and are really fun to wear! Fishnet, lace and even diamonique bodies can be found on our site, and they range in design from full length to footless, crotchless to lace-up, and some of the teddies even come with free matching stockings.

Bras and briefs make up the vast majority of lingerie, and with so many styles to choose from it can be confusing. But if you always keep in mind you or your lover's shape when choosing, you won't go far wrong. For the full-figured vixen, Basques and Corsets look divine and will make the most of their incredible curves. Teamed with stockings and a playful whip, you can't go wrong!

Athletic bods can get away with pretty much anything, but will look especially sexy in Bootyshorts and Boxer Briefs, which may sound sporty but they're very naughty! Bra-wise keep it padded and wired to make the most of your girl's toned boobs.

Lastly, if you or your lover enjoys BDSM and role-playing, go straight for our PVC, vinyl, latex and leather items, as well as our huge range of sexy costumes. Don't forget to accessorize with our kinky Bedroom Bondage Kits.

Caring for your sexy lingerie

Because lingerie is made from delicate, luxury and exotic materials, you will need to be more careful when washing them than just throwing them in the machine with your basics. Please read the care label attached to your garment before washing, but as a general rule, wash delicates by hand and air-dry where possible.