Anal Douche
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Original Anal Douche


Anal Douche

The Original Anal Douche is an essential must for all your anal adventures. Stay clean and have peace of mind of safe anal sex with your partner. A long time best seller, this all classic is the best ...Continue reading
Original Anal Douche
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Anal DoucheOriginal Anal Douche
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Anal DoucheOriginal Anal Douche
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Original Anal Douche
Anal Douche
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The Original Anal Douche is an essential must for all your anal adventures. Stay clean and have peace of mind of safe anal sex with your partner. A long time best seller, this all classic is the best way prepare yourself for enduring anal sessions and regular play.

Easy to use, just fill it with water and squeeze away. Totally waterproof, its versatile use is complimented with a traditional, seamless design and glow in the dark tip.

It's relatively small in size, so it's easy to take with you on your travels, being always prepared and ready to go with no fear of possible embarrassment. Find out why it's been an all time classic and best seller. You'll soon discover the new possibilities of erotic fantasies that await you.

* Clean & safe anal sex preparation
* Hygienic practice
* Ribbed grips
* Glow in the dark tip
* Waterproof
* Simple & effective

What our customers say about us (4)

Tuesday 23 June, 2009
Great, simple product that does the job its supposed to do! Great price too!
Saturday 20 March, 2010
I can't see why anyone would need anything fancier. It's simple, has the instructions on the box, looks neat and well made. I've used this several times and I'm able to get ready using this within minutes and so far it has always left me totally clean and ready to play.
Sunday 02 December, 2012
If you are even thinking about experimenting with anal sex or using butt plugs, anal beads or any other kind of anal probe or stimulator, do yourself and your partner a favour and have a freshen up 'in there' before hand. Otherwise, you can find yourself in the middle of a very messy accident. Unless that's your form of pleasure, however! Moving on, the Original Anal Douche is affordable, sturdy and holds a lot of liquid so you can have fun squirting and squeezing without having to top up constantly. I use it before and after sex with my partner and find its pleasurable cleansing action to be gentle enough while still being thorough.
Thursday 10 May, 2012
I agree with the other reviewer who says this nozzle isn't exactly well rounded so you do need to be careful – don't just go jamming it up there, people! That said, for the price this is a great douche with a large bulb that holds a lot of water (you can use cold and luke warm water) so you can have one heck of a good time while getting squeaky clean for anal games. I ordered the Original Anal Douche two days ago and it's already here with me, so thanks for that Bedroom Pleasures! The reason I choose it is because of the large bulb and easy squeeze function – I have arthritis in my fingers so I need something soft-ish and easy to use and this does the trick.
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