Ultimate Douche
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Ultimate Douche


Feel confident in your anal adventures by cleaning before and after play. All anal play should be preceded with a thorough cleansing of the anal passage, because not only does it provide you with the ...Continue reading
Ultimate Douche
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Ultimate DoucheUltimate Douche
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Ultimate DoucheUltimate Douche
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Ultimate Douche
Ultimate Douche
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Feel confident in your anal adventures by cleaning before and after play. All anal play should be preceded with a thorough cleansing of the anal passage, because not only does it provide you with the confident knowledge that your anus is squeaky clean.

It will make your lover much more willing to get intimate in that area, too! The Ultimate Anal Douche is a superb product for ensuring hygienic play and is extremely simple to use.

Replete with two different nozzle sizes, the Ultimate Anal Douche is filled with water then inserted into your anus where the side jets on each nozzle cleanse your anal passage of any unwanted debris. Easy to clean and store, you should use the Ultimate Anal Douche before and after play.

* Ultra clean feeling
* Simple to use
* Hygienic preparation for anal adventures
* x2 Nozzle sizes

What our customers say about us (5)

Saturday 08 January, 2011
To be able to feel confident when it comes to anal play I like to know I am going to be clean and with this handy little douche I know it will do the trick. Not worrying about been dirty during anal play makes it so much more enjoyable which is why this douche is brilliant!
Tuesday 26 October, 2010
Me and my boyfriend bought this so we wouldn't have to clean up as much after sex. We found this product really good, saved us a lot of effort. We bought this before we started having sex and have used it ever since (2 years). Really good product and would highly recommend.
Monday 02 May, 2011
There's nothing that instils my partner and I with more confidence than clean rectums so the Ultimate Douche forms a very important part of our pre lovemaking ritual. He loves water sports and adores the bigger, more intrusive nozzle featured in this kit whereas I'm perfectly happy with the smaller nozzle that isn't actually that small. Sometimes we use them together in one session but I'm the more introverted of the two and prefer to do this part in private. It's bendy and easy to use so all you have to do is fill the base unit, attach the nozzle you want and then insert it into your anus. You can even apply lubricant to make it easier.
Wednesday 27 March, 2013
This California Exotic douche is brilliant value for money. I like basic, easy to use accessories which is why this is my go-to douche for basic cleansing with a little bit of fun too. The Ultimate Douche is a plain white douche with the California Exotic brand on the front. It comes with two nozzles of different sizes that have been made to deliver varying degrees of pressure when you are using it – the longer nozzle makes for a deeper cleanse, naturally. A clever design, this douche has a flexible nozzle attachment which means you can direct water exactly where you want it. I use luke warm water most of the time but for extra shocks and kicks ice cold water can be fun.
Monday 02 November, 2009
I’m not sure how anyone can indulge in anal sex without having the confidence brought forth by using a douche beforehand? I’d never allow my partner near my behind without using this first. It’s simple to operate and clears the path of any unsightly residue before anal sex.
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