ID Glide Lubricant 4.4 oz
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  • FEATURESfeatures
  • non staining and fragance free
  • FOR WHOfor who
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  • LIQUIDVOLUMNliquidvolumn
  • 4.4 oz
  • LUBETYPElubetype
  • Water Based
  • Sizesize
  • 4.4 oz
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ID Glide Lubricant 130ml


ID Glide Lubricant 4.4 oz

If a long lasting, smooth ,water based lubricant is important to you, then ID Glide is it! You only need apply a small amount and it will surprise you how it goes a long way. Transparent and clear,...Continue reading
ID Glide Lubricant 130ml
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ID Glide Lubricant 4.4 ozID Glide Lubricant 130ml
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ID Glide Lubricant 4.4 ozID Glide Lubricant 130ml
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ID Glide Lubricant 130ml
ID Glide Lubricant 4.4 oz
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If a long lasting, smooth ,water based lubricant is important to you, then ID Glide is it! You only need apply a small amount and it will surprise you how it goes a long way.

Transparent and clear, it performs great to whatever action you may have in mind. The bottle comes with a convenient mid section to squeeze from resulting in little to no mess.

* Clear solution
* Water based
* Long lasting

What our customers say about us (10)

Tuesday 27 September, 2011
The best lube out there, by a mile I reckon! I don't know many girls who don't need at least a little bit of lube to help them on their way. My hubby is particularly large in the downstairs department and it would be a struggle to do much without a little squirt of lube to ease the way in. My favourite parts are that there's never any mess when you apply it, it's the perfect consistency, it doesn't smell or feel sticky and horrible, plus it's so easy to wash off with water. I've used lubes before where I've showered and I still feel like there is some kicking around long afternoon. That's not a good feeling AT ALL. No such problems here.
Sunday 20 September, 2009
Finally, an odour free lube that I can actually use! I've forever been searching for a lubricant that doesn't smell of some horrible sickly thing like candy floss or that isn't stupidly sticky so as to ruin the mood (or some brand new bedsheets). This is a simple as it comes but - let's face it - you don't want to be faffing with lube when it comes down to getting down to it. You want something easy to use, that gets the areas you want nice and juicy so you can get on with having some fun. I find you can taste and smell the flavoured ones for a long time after and it puts me off completely! This is a nice size too and it goes a long way.
Monday 08 October, 2012
Great lube, Not a lot needed so lasts a while. Non sticky and can be used with my toys too,
Tuesday 21 September, 2010
The missus and I bought this last week when we ordered her first Jessica Rabbit Vibrator – she offerred to get me a masturbation toy too but I'd rather play with her body and my old boy for now, thanks very much! Back to the lube... We haven't tried that many to be honest so we're unsure what passes for excellent, but in our novice opinion this lube is the dogs nuts. Now my wife has always shaved and moisturised her bits so she's normally smooth down there, but when I applied this ID Glide stuff to her she was smoother than ever. Like glass! Things got even better when I slipped inside – her vagina became like my very own slip-slidey pleasure palace! We didn't use much of it and have tons left so we're looking forward to working our way through the bottle!
Tuesday 21 August, 2012
ID glide is good product to allow you to slip & slide with any part of your body on any part of their body.
Monday 21 December, 2009
I've used this lube for years and am still yet to find a better one. As a longterm singleton, masturbation is a big part of my sex life so I need a lubricant that will work with all of my toys. ID Glide is just that lubricant, working in harmony with my silicone masturbators as well as my jelly playmates as you guys call them! I own the Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator (review coming soon) and it's as though this lubricant was made for it. Everything feels really smooth and super slippery whenever I apply ID Glide and it even manages to make cheaper sex toys feel like a million dollars. Will I try another lubricant? Probably. Will it beat ID Glide? I doubt it.
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