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Boost your sex life with nifty potions, lotions and other aids from the Bedroom Pleasures Better Sex shop. From revitalising your libido to increasing the size of your penis, clitoris and nipples, sex will become exhilarating and refreshing. Choose from male enhancements and accessories to increase orgasms for her, as well as ancient guides like the Karma Sutra to relight your fire.

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Buy VigRX Penis Enlarger Capsules 1 Months Supply from VigRX
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Buy Durex Play Caring from Durex Condoms
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Buy Spanish Fly Sex Drops Zesty Cola from Doc Johnson
Clit Sucker Pump
Rimba 6 Piece Cupping Set
Buy Ultimate Personal Shaver For Men from Swan
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Items 1 to 24 of 128 total
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There's no shame in seeking ways to improve your sex life. In fact, your bedroom banter would get stale indeed if you didn't. Better sex products are there for that very same reason . . . to give you a hand when you need it. Whether that be slowing you down, speeding you up, educating you, protecting you or stimulating you, help and titillation is always at hand.

Delay Spray & Cream

Calling all men first. If your partner is superhot, particularly good with their hands and mouth or you've always been quick out of the starting blocks, there are a couple of tricks you can employ to control your pace. Delay sprays and creams will be your main weapons here. With so many to choose from you can relax, safe in the assurance that premature ejaculation won't plague you anymore.

As we said, there are many wonder lotions and sprays that have been formulated to cool your boots, so do your research in our better sex shop before you buy. To give you a head start, some of our customer favourites include Magic Stamina Spray, the Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay Cream and the Sex On The Go Desensitising Wipes For Him.

Better Female Orgasms

Women also get a helping hand from V-RX with their For Women supplement. This acts as a sexual multi-vitamin to increase the desire for spontaneous sex, ability to orgasm and general female virility. Other girl-loving enhancers and orgasm sprays include the Lover's Choice Flower BalmKY Intense Arousal Gel and Screaming O Rock On For Her Pills.

Boost His Sex Drive

Bigger, stronger erections are at the top of every man's wish list and once again the penis enhancing world is your oyster. The V-RX Erection Strengthening Lubricant is manly a luxury while the Doc Johnson Plump Enhancement Cream For Men is a good step into the male enhancement arena.

Breast Enhancement & Pussy Pumps

Men are not the only ones longing for bigger bits. Many women seek bigger nipples and swollen clitorises for maximum stimulation during sex. Take control of your needs and get the size you desire with our range of breast and clitoral pumps. The Berman Centre Selene Vibrating Clitoral Pump is a pretty pink sex toy designed by women. The Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Nipple Suckers are a winner for lickable, flickable nipples and breast enhancement and the Suction Power Vagina Sucker is a must for all over external vaginal stimulation.

Vig-RX & V-RX

Male enhancement also come in the form of pills. Designed to raise your libido, your stamina and your ability to gain and maintain an erection, these sex aids are safe as well as effective. Choose between the V-RX Capsules Male Virility SupplementWolfberry Herbal Viagra or their Penis Enlarger Capsules 1 Month's Supply amongst others.

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine hygiene makes a woman feel at ease before and during sex. There's nothing more empowering than knowing you're squeaky clean for genital freshness. A second invest is the handbag friendly System JO Wipes Extra Clean. If shaving is a part of your regime try the Wet Inttimo Forbidden Fruit Rash Free Shave and Ultra Hair Away.

Better Sex products

Sexual enhancement is fun and yields stronger orgasms, bigger erections and highly stimulated naughty bits. Our better sex shop is brimming with erotic delights from penis enlargement pills to libido enhancers and sex supplements that lead to orgasms for her and him. What does that add up to? One hell of a boost between the sheets!