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Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream [2oz]


Liquid Sex Tightening Cream For Her 2oz

If you want temporary tightness down there but can’t abide the thought of any more Kegel muscle exercises (you naughty girl!), then Liquid Sex have the solution. Their Sensual Tightening Cream i...Continue reading
Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream [2oz]
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Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream [2oz]
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Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream [2oz]
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Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream [2oz]
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If you want temporary tightness down there but can’t abide the thought of any more Kegel muscle exercises (you naughty girl!), then Liquid Sex have the solution. Their Sensual Tightening Cream is ideal for increasing your chances of orgasm during penetrative sex by acting to tighten your vaginal walls and labia.

Through applying a liberal amount of cream to your vaginal lips and labia, you will experience a tingling and tightening sensation after just a few minutes.

Obviously the more Sensual Tightening Cream you apply, the tighter your vaginal walls will feel! Your man will love the tight new you, making penetrative sex much more pleasurable for both of you.

* Tightens the labia and entry of your vagina
* Practice for prolonging orgasms for you and your partner
* Virgin tight quality sex
* Smooth formula base
* Enhance sexual performance
* Condom safe

What our customers say about us (5)

Friday 14 September, 2012
This is definitely something I'll be buying again in the future but I do think this tube will last a long time! Definitely worth having! The tingling sensation I felt after applying the cream was amazing and I felt instantly tighter in minutes!
Monday 08 March, 2010
I was a bit sceptical this product would really work, so once it had arrived I was eager to try it, Within 10 minutes I could feel the effects and the end result was an amazing orgasm that shook my body...great stuff!
Tuesday 19 February, 2013
I was quite surprised by how yummy this stuff smells – it's like toothpaste but not quite as overpowering – and the feel of it is fresh. It's down to the menthol included in the formula, which makes me feel really clean and confident. The Adam & Eve Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream comes in a smart little tube that has an easy squeeze body and a firm clasp lid. I'm not exactly loose in the vaginal area but my man enjoys super tight penetration so I use this each time we have sex. By simply applying a little cream to the inside part of my vagina, my walls tighten to give him a better squeeze during sex. This cream is very easy to wash off in the shower even though I don't need to according to the instructions. Overall, it makes me feel tighter, I feel tighter to him, and I get way more satisfaction from stimulation – as does he.
Saturday 14 November, 2009
After a few kids, it would be fair to say I'm not as tight as I used to be down there. Sex lost its lustre for a while and I found myself only orgasming when really big dildos were brought into the mix. It was getting my husband and I down so, after a little research, I purchase this Liquid Sex Sensual Tightening Cream from Adam & Eve. There's a ton of ingredients like menthol and ginseng working together to make my vagina feel tighter. This Cream is easy to use: all I do is wash my hands (naturally), apply a little blob to my index finger then run it gently around the very outer part of my inner vagina (if that makes sense). After five minutes, there's a tingling sensation which means it's working. Magic!
Thursday 11 June, 2009
I was quite skeptical of the claims laid down by this cream at first, but after having three kids and longing for my pre-birth tightness, I was resolved to giving it a go. There was a definite tightening sensation five minutes after I applied the cream, and my husband and I definitely noticed a new tightness! I think combining this cream with my regular Kegel exercises may help me achieve orgasm through sex again.
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