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Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream [44ml]


Rock Hard 44ml Penis Cream

Maintain a rock-hard erection all night long with the Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream. This genius cream is fast acting and only needs a small amount to ensure your penis flies at full mast for longer...Continue reading
Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream [44ml]
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Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream [44ml]
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Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream [44ml]
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Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream [44ml]
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Maintain a rock-hard erection all night long with the Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream. This genius cream is fast acting and only needs a small amount to ensure your penis flies at full mast for longer than normal.

By increasing the responsiveness of your penis to stimulation, the Rock Hard Power Cream works like a liquid version of Viagra to give you ultimate staying power during penetrative sex; meaning a bigger, harder erection for your lover to play with and much more rewarding orgasms for you.

* Encourages rock hard erections
* Increases levels of stimulation
* A bigger, harder erection

What our customers say about us (4)

Friday 23 April, 2010
I have tried a few of these type creams before in the past but none have really seemed to work. Thought I would try this one as the price was reasonable and I have ordered many things from Bedroom Pleasures before and have never been disappointed. This cream was fantastic! Only needed a small amount to I know the tube will last a while...didn't need to wait for ages either for it to start working. Recommend 100%
Saturday 21 August, 2010
Have seen really great results after using this cream. Not sure about all night long but I have definitely managed to stay hard for a lot longer!
Tuesday 26 April, 2011
My boyfriend bought this for me as a joke becauSE I've never had an issue with maintaining an erection, or so I thought! We've never believed that any of these creams work but were bored online one day so added it to our Bedroom Pleasures basket and OMG, I never been SOOO hard for SOOOO long. It also seemed to enhance the feeling in my dick (I thought it would just make it go numb or something) and I was able to go for ages and ages. There may still be some hokey claims on the market but this has taught me a lessons not to write something off unless I've tried it first!
Sunday 05 July, 2009
I'm pretty cynical about a lot of these wonder creams that make massively bold claims that never really work quite as well as you'd hoped. Believe me, as a man who suffers a little in the downstairs department I've tried a whole bunch of these supposed magic creams. You don't need to use much to have the desired effect and it lasts for ages. When the describes describes it as 'liquid Viragra' it's really not far off. I managed to maintain a full erection for much longer than normal and that boost of confidence kept me from the brink of cumming for longer than normal too. Fellas, I'd keep a tube of this by the bed for any situation where you might be flying the flag at half mast for some reason. It's the perfect thing to perk up a flagging penis!
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