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Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay (Small)


Extra Maximum Delay Cream (Small)

There's nothing worse than shooting your load way too early, especially when your partner is in the zone and no where near orgasming too. This Extra Maximum Delay cream, available in small or l...Continue reading
Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay (Small)
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Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay (Small)
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Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay (Small)
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Nasstoys Extra Maximum Delay (Small)
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There's nothing worse than shooting your load way too early, especially when your partner is in the zone and no where near orgasming too.

This Extra Maximum Delay cream, available in small or large, is ideal for men who are very sensitive to stimulation and need a cream that's ultra strong and long lasting.

What our customers say about us (4)

Wednesday 15 July, 2009
I have a gorgeous girlfriend so I sometimes find it hard to hold on for long in the bedroom department. I had a look through a few of the different products that Bedroom Pleasures had to offer and decided to go with this one. Didn't really expect it to do a great deal but I was pleasantly surprised and this delayed me coming too early and allowed my girlfriend to have some extra time of pleasure!
Friday 17 June, 2011
This cream really kept me going for longer. I was surprised as I didn't really think something like this would work.
Monday 09 July, 2012
Ignore the tacky packaging and you will find yourself on to a winner with the Extra Maximum Delay cream from Nasstoys. I have been using this cream two to three times a week for around two months or so and find it to be absolutely essential to my performance in bed. I wouldn't say I necessarily suffer from premature ejaculation but I do have a tendency to become quite excitable, especially now that my wife and I aren't using condoms. The Extra Maximum Delay cream is like a pro strength formula that dampens any sensitivity in my penis so that I last longer. That doesn't mean it takes away any enjoyment – far from it – but it does mean I can pleasure my wife and myself much more effectively. One small globule does the trick, activating a tingling sensation that I know means it's working.
Tuesday 07 August, 2012
Come on fellas, I can't be the only one who has died a thousand deaths in the sack from coming too early? Ive had a problem with premature ejaculation for as long as I can reemember and nothing seemed able to help me. Ive tied cock rings and pills and all sorts and while some of them like the rings did something they didnnt really help me last longer. In despiration I tried this extra maximum delay and can now sigh a breath of relief because it actually works. Im so thankful to this stuff because now I can last a couple of minutes rather than the few seconds I used to. I have a really sensitive dick but this cream desensititises it quickly. All I use is a small blob and the job is done.
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