There's nothing sexy about STI's, thrush or unplanned pregnancy. Like it or loathe it, the simple truth is condoms are an essential part of safe sex. However, that doesn't mean resigning yourself to whatever your local chemist stocks. Have fun with flavoured, textured, super sensitive and even glow in the dark numbers and buy condoms in the Bedroom Pleasures canyon.

Best Sellers

Baggy sheaths and pungent pals that sting the nostrils rather than light up the path to sexual arousal have thankfully bitten the dust. There's a rubber mountain out there waiting to clad your member in style, colour, fruity flavours and textures to drive your lover wild whatever size your erection. For example, for men who walk on the large side Trojan have got you covered with their Magnum Large Size Condoms.

Durex Condoms & Skins Condoms

Bent on pleasuring you while doing the job, condoms can enhance your climatic journey rather than interfere with it. Take textured and ribbed condoms. Durex Sensation Condoms are littered with raised bumps for internal stimulation, as are their ribbed and dotted PleasuremaxSkins condoms also come up trumps with their aptly named Dots and Ribs.

Trojan Condoms

Trojans are perhaps the king of stimulating condoms with several variations of ribbed condoms from the Her Pleasure Condoms to their Shared Pleasure Condoms and Premium Ultra Ribbed lubricated Condoms.

Buy sheaths from us and you will also get your hands on flavoured condoms that break from the plastic, rubbery taste and smell of some. Easy on the tongue, Pasante's Mixed flavour Condoms come in 12 different flavours. Chocolate, mint, banana and strawberry flavoured condoms will tantalise your taste buds with the Safex condoms fruity bunch.

EXS Condoms

For more exotic flavours try EXS' Flavoured Condoms with crazy cola, orange soda, blueberry muffin and more, plus the Durex Tropical Condoms. Need to take a step back from premature ejaculation? Delay condoms are what you need: Durex Performa CondomsTrojan Extended Pleasure CondomsPasante Delay Condoms and the similarly named Safex Delay Condoms.

Most men hate the feeling of rubbering up but the closest contact comes when armed with the raft of thin condoms from our top brands including Skins Ultra Thin Condoms and Trojan Very Sensitive Condoms.Are Extra strong condoms more your thing? Pasante oblige with Extra condomsEXS with Max Protection, as well as Safex, with their Extra Strong Condoms. So now you should have maximum piece of mind during play.

Finally, condoms can also be dipped with tingling, warming and sensational lubricants to increase stimulation for you and your partner. Favourites include the Durex Tingle, while novelty rubbers come from EXS Smiley Face Condoms.

Condoms at Bedroom Pleasures

If you buy condoms online from Bedroom Pleasures not only will you find cheap condoms, you will also be saved the embarrassment of having them flashed around at the checkout in front of everyone. Anyway! with our variety of extra strong, sensitive or large condoms for those with specific needs why would you shop elsewhere? If you need any help in choosing the best condom for you, simply contact us or see our condom guide at our sex toys advice page.