Buy Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush from Spencer and Fleetwood
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Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush


Chocolate Body Paint Tin And Brush

Get carried away during foreplay with the Chocolate Body paint tin and brush set. This cute little set up will allow for immense pleasure and creativity to flow. Taking turns, why not create a mast...Continue reading
Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush
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Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush
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Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush
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Chocolate Body Paint Tin and Brush
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Get carried away during foreplay with the Chocolate Body paint tin and brush set. This cute little set up will allow for immense pleasure and creativity to flow.

Taking turns, why not create a masterpiece using your lovers’ body as the canvass. Once your masterpiece is complete, simply kiss and lick of your sensory design whilst your lover enjoys every touch.

This amazing body paint comes in a 200g tin and a soft bristle blue brush, soft enough for those sensitive areas.

What our customers say about us (4)

Sunday 16 October, 2011
I bought this as a gift for my partner and we both found the product absolutely great. The chocolate tasted rich and not at all like other products where it tastes cheap like plastic. The applicator brush was smooth and it was easy to apply using this. The discreet packaging means prying eyes don't easily cotton on as much as the more obvious products. Overall 10 out of 10 - we will buy again in future.
Monday 21 November, 2011
I found this among my slew of birthday gifts from my girlfriend. At first I thought she was taking the piss and hinting for me to get the kitchen the once over with some new paint, but then I read the tin again, saw the words Chocolate Body Paint and knew I was in for a birthday to remember. A cute little package containing some seriously scrumptuous chocolate, my girlfriend and I took it in turns on my birthday night painting each other and then using our tongues and fingers to wipe and lick it off, followed by a hot bath to cleanse ourselves before having sex. What a birthday! Be careful with how much you eat, though – this paint is a little heavy!
Tuesday 27 December, 2011
I am giving this top marks as it is very tasteful and the fact you can just pack it up and go anywhere with it. My partner is loving it so much I will be buying again very soon and stocking up. I would advise anyone who wants to try bod ypaint to buy this as you will not be disappointed. It is good value for the price
Friday 13 July, 2012
After fifteen years of marriage you could say the thought of going down on my husband isn't as exciting as it was once. It's nothing to do with his downstairs bits, you understand. Just hard to keep the flame alive after so long together. Having said that, we both enjoy oral sex and didn't want to miss out any more than we do so we decided to buy this pint. What a treat! I was expecting it to taste like some god awful chocolate you get in pound shops but it's very delicious and smooth. I like creamy chocolate so this does the trick for me. We use it every time we decided to have some foreplay now, which means we'll be in need of buying another tin very soon!
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