Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray 30ml [Women]

Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray 30ml [Women]

From the extensive Intimate Organics range, Adventure is the first all organic, all natural anal relaxant spray. Its special formula relaxes the anal muscles without desensitisation. Feel and experience all the pleasures of anal sex and more. Adventure lets you explore the untapped potential that await, without causing irritation, tearing or chaffing. Adventure works the skin and the anus sphincter letting it naturally open up and flex.

Using extracts from organic lemon grass, cloves, goji berry and aloe you'll soon discover the difference this anal relaxant can do. Intimate Organics products don't act as an anaesthetic like other anal enhancement products. Feel everything your g-spots were meant to.

Adventure is the ideal choice for avid lovers of anal sex as well as beginners. Be confident that Adventure looks after your body, being gentle and kind while offering the joys of anal sex you so much desire. It's fast acting and only takes a few minutes after application to take full effect.

Intimate Organic products are;

* Paraben free
* Dea free
* With no anaesthetic effects

Intimate Organics understand the annoyance associated with sexual enhancement products and have made their products not only latex condom friendly but also oral sex safe. You can additionally use your favourite lubricants letting no restrictions to your fantasies.

* Organic extracts from goji berries, cloves & lemon grass
* Gently relaxes the anal muscles without anaesthetic effects
* No desensitising
* Easy & comfortable penetration
* Latex condom compatible
* Safe for oral sex
* Safe to use with other lubricants