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Durex Play Feel Lubricant [50ml]


Durex Feel Lube 50ml

New Durex Play is a pleasure enhancing lubricant which makes lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners. Water soluble and safe to use with condoms Non-greasy and odourless Durex Pl...Continue reading
Durex Play Feel Lubricant [50ml]
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Durex Play Feel Lubricant [50ml]
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Durex Play Feel Lubricant [50ml]
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Durex Play Feel Lubricant [50ml]
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New Durex Play is a pleasure enhancing lubricant which makes lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners.

  • Water soluble and safe to use with condoms
  • Non-greasy and odourless

    Durex Play can be used by squeezing a few drops onto the fingers (or directly onto the body) and then applying it where you think you'd like it best. It's ideal to use with Durex condoms and can be applied when the condom is already on.

  • What our customers say about us (5)

    Tuesday 24 May, 2011
    This lube almost goes unnoticed with its perfect texture that doesn't leave any sticky residue and no perfumes either. It's a great lube to use as it increases your sensitivity and intimacy and helps you feel more closer together. Perfection!
    Friday 07 August, 2009
    Durex is a good, reliable brand and definitely doesn't disappoint in this arena! The lube is virtually scentless and does exactly what it says on the bottle! It is safe to use with condoms and you don't get any of the stickiness you sometimes get with other brands. The size is also good and you get a lot for your money. I would recommend this brand of lube to anyone!
    Tuesday 09 March, 2010
    Thank god for Durex. Before my partner and I had the thought of getting a lubricant, our sex life was non existent because she has a medical condition where the muscles in her vagina tighten and spasm at the sheer thought of having sex... And no it's not because I'm big in the trouser department. The doctor gave her some dildo looking rods to dilate her before sex and an anaesthetic spray but the clown didn't mention anything about how lubricant could help. Well, having done our own research we discovered lube worked for others like her so we bought this. Hallelujiah, it works for my partner too! We are now having fairly regular sex (once every six weeks or so, which is great for us) and she is far more comfortable when we use this.
    Friday 24 July, 2009
    My wife and I have quite a few lubricants from Durex but this is our favourite, simply because of the way it feels. So how does it feel? Well, it's very smooth and slippery but it doesn't stick to the skin once rubbed in or leave any gross residue once it has been washed off. Also, it's long lasting and it doesn't take much lube to get her vagina and clitoris wet. As such, this Durex Play Lubricant is perfect for use during a wide range of sex acts from masturbation through to full sex. When she masturbates me, this lubricant makes the action much quicker – I call her Robo Hand! And when we use it during sex it eases the way so that the act is comfortable and pleasurable for both of us in a variety of positions. Top stuff, this.
    Tuesday 08 May, 2007
    Excellent product, highly recommended!
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