Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide 120g
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  • 124ml / 4.2Fl.Oz
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  • Silicone Based
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  • 120g

Wet Platinum Lube 120ml


Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide 120g

What would happen if you took all of the water from a lubricant and left only the ingredients that make it stay slick? Magic! WET PlatinumContinue reading
Wet Platinum Lube 120ml
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Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide 120gWet Platinum Lube 120ml
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Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide 120gWet Platinum Lube 120ml
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Wet Platinum Lube 120ml
Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide 120g
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What would happen if you took all of the water from a lubricant and left only the ingredients that make it stay slick? Magic! WET Platinum

What our customers say about us (5)

Wednesday 15 July, 2009
My husband and I have used this lubricant for years now, we bought some once from a high street shop and loved it so much we stuck with it. A very small amount goes a very long way and lasts a very long time! It's silky to touch, doesn't go sticky in the slightest like a water-based lube often does. It has no smell and no taste, which is lovely for long sessions. The bottle is attractive and slimline too! 100% recommend!
Sunday 20 March, 2011
Having never used a silicone lube before (only water based) we thought we would try this. You only have to use a little and you are wet and ready to go. The more you use the more slippery everything gets... Very sexy. So for us it was a great buy and did exactly what it says on the bottle.
Saturday 10 January, 2009
'Rich' would sum up this lubricant nicely. Packaged in a neat and portable bottle that's sleek and black in design, I would recommend this lubricant to any man or woman who prefers thicker formulas during masturbation and sex. I use this with my partner during anal sex as an alternative to our other mainstay lube Anal Blu. The Wet Platinum formula is non scented and doesn't stain clothes or skin, making it a great choice for us because we're very particular about our Egyptian cotton linen. Ok so it doesn't work with silicone masturbators, but we are pretty much the others living, breathing sex toy so that doesn't bother us too much. In the end, if you want a richer lube than this is a good choice.
Friday 27 March, 2009
I'm very tight and quite dry during vaginal sex due to a vaginal spasm condition that has plagued me since my youth. Therefore, only silicone lubricants do the trick for me in bed. Of course the downside is that I can't use this stuff with silicone sex toys, but that still leaves me with plenty of options and my husband and I don't use condoms during sex so it isn't an issue there either. Although it may seem quite pricey, a little goes a long way and we've had this Wet Platinum Lube for two months now and there's still loads left. It's very rich and thick when you splurt it out, so much so that I believe it would be useful during anal penetration too.
Tuesday 11 October, 2011
Keeps on going and going and going and going..... Great for anal. Not for silicone toys.
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