Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
  • COLOURcolour
  • Clear
  • FLEXIBILITYflexibility
  • Very
  • FOR WHOfor who
  • Male
  • INSERTABLEinsertable
  • 5 to 6 inches
  • Lengthlength
  • 6 Inches
  • LUBETYPElubetype
  • Water Based
  • Sizesize
  • 6 Inches
  • WASHINGwashing
  • Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
  • Widthwidth
  • 8 Inches
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Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator


The Rolling Hole Cup is a dual acting 2 for 1 masturbator. Simply flip the toy over for a different vaginal passage for completely different results.The Bitter SideAn irresistible sensation upon entry...Continue reading
Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
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Tenga Double Hole Cup MasturbatorTenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
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Tenga Double Hole Cup MasturbatorTenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
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Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator
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The Rolling Hole Cup is a dual acting 2 for 1 masturbator. Simply flip the toy over for a different vaginal passage for completely different results.

The Bitter Side
An irresistible sensation upon entry, enter through the luxuriously lubricated vagina before reaching the end, comprised of over 60 raised textured nubs! Specially designed to grip and tighten around your penis. The bitter side is a tight and firm vagina that leaves no prisoner!

The Sweet Side
For a gentler and more intimate session, you’re greeted with a lusciously lubricated entry on penetration as you enter the vagina styled with reversed nubs, making each penetration extremely smooth. An added sense of adhesion is felt as it clings to your penis as you pull from the vagina.

* 2 unique vagina passages
* Multiple amounts of nubs, delivering tight and gentle experiences
* lubricated areas for a luxurious feel.

What our customers say about us (5)

Wednesday 22 July, 2009
This product is superb on so many levels. Very stylish looking and the fact it has not tried to mimic an actual vagina or anal appearance makes it less intimidating for first time users. I would highly recommend this product whether single or toy use in foreplay with your partner!
Sunday 02 January, 2011
This is a very enjoyable toy for both solo and partner play! The fact that you can use both the "Sweet" and the "Bitter" side is brilliant! The one bad thing is that you can only use the thing once! Personally I used mine a couple of times before throwing it! Obviously cleaning well between use!
Sunday 08 March, 2009
I wanted to try out masturbator as a couple of my mates have admitted to owning one and loving it. I didn't have loads to spend but came across this one and thought it offered great value. Effectively you get two toys for the price of one and each side has its own merits for whatever mood you're in. I like the fact it looks pretty normal too, like a can of deoderant or something, so if I leave it out (which I did do once – oops!) it's not such a big deal. The inside features loads of cool nobs and lumps and bumps wich feel really good, especially with a nice healthy dollop of lube to ease the way. I personally prefer the softer side, but I like the tightness of the other side for when I'm in that kinda mood.
Tuesday 23 October, 2012
Such a cool idea. I've had plenty of good times with my old Flesh Light, but it had seen better days and I was due for an upgrade. There are so many out there that I made sure I did my research. After excessive searching I came across this bad boy which offered everything I was looking for and more. Not one, but two holes to try out. I like to start of with the softer side to get me going before flipping it round and going hell for leather on the harder side. It's compact, easy to clean and does the trick every time. Double thumbs up!
Sunday 13 February, 2011
This was the first time buying this type of product, and I have to say, I was very impressed. It offers fantastic value for money, although it doesn\'t have a great life, it does the job while it lasts! I was surprised by the difference in feeling each side gave and would very much suggest this to anyone buying for the first time!
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