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Pole Dancing

For some there is nothing sexier than seeing your counterpart twirling their long limbs and twisting their torso around the cool metal frame of a pole dancing pole. Erotic Pole dancing has totally taken off and is the must have item for any playboy or playgirl!

Tempt and tease your lover by shimmying your touché around this dancing pole and put filthy ideas in their head. Show off your best moves and bring pole dancing in to your foreplay and sexual routine.
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Pole Dancing is the new sexercise!

Sexercise comes in many guises and several years ago pole dancing become a popular way to tone up while turning others on. Thankfully, it has stuck around to become a firm favourite for many. A great way to boost your confidence and sexual prowess, a dancing pole will help you explore your body and distract you from everyday stresses and hassles. Throw yourself into something physically and erotically rewarding. Bedroom Pleasures customers love exotic dancing poles, which is why we have chosen only the very best for them to use in the privacy of their own home or dance studio. Beginner and existing pole dancing practitioners will find much to entertain themselves with through our dedicated range of pole dancing kits and pole dancing outfits.

Tone up and turn on with a Pole Dancing Pole

The actress Carmen Electra knows the empowerment gained from pole dancing and how it can boost your confidence in many ways, which is why she has designed her very own exotic pole dancing kit called the Carmen Electra Dancing Pole. The My Sexy Little Pole & DVD is another fun one to keep fit and enjoy turning yourself and your lover on with. For the next step up, choose the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole for more exotic and energetic moves during your routine. If you want a little inspiration when it comes to adding a few moves between your work on the pole, have a gander at the Erotic Strip Dance CD and DVD to incorporate some sizzlin' strip tease into your pole dancing fun. You could even take it a step further by adding something kinky like the Fetish Fantasy Series Lap Dancer Thigh Strap-on so that you can slip and slide onto a dildo strapped around your partner's leg between moves. Finally, don't forget our selection of lingerie, hosiery and pole dancing outfits to look the part while dancing!