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Glass Dildos

Exquisite, sleek and oh so chic, a glass dildo is the dildo of choice for any conscientious toy collection. Every glass dildo in this selection is a feat of design, ergonomics and sculpture. Glass is renowned for its quality to emulate the body’s temperature getting hot under the collar when you do, equally pop any of these beautiful artworks in the fridge and cool play will be the foxiest game in town. Beautiful on your mantel piece but wild inside! Try it!
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Icicles No. 20 Glass Vibrator
Icicles No. 16 Glass Rabbit Vibrator
Buy Icicles Rose Tentacle Glass Dildo No 24 from Pipedream
Icicles No. 13 Glass Anal Plug
Icicles No. 14 Glass Anal Plug
Buy Icicles Gold Edition G05 Glass Vibrating Probe from Pipedream
Icicles 29 Hand Blown Glass Massager
Buy Icicles No 70 Purple Glass Dildo from Pipedream
Buy Icicles No. 76 Glass Rose Butt Plug from Pipedream
Icicles No. 18 Glass GSpot Dildo
Icicles No.19 Glass GSpot Vibrator
Buy Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Kaleigh Dildo from Rimba
Buy Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Nikita Dildo from Rimba
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Items 1 to 16 of 16 total

Only a Glass Dildos boast cold and hot fun!

Gorgeous, tantalising and smooth, every gal deserves the luxuriousness of a glass dildo sex toy gliding in and out of their vagina or anus. Compatible with lubricants that are water based and silicone, a stylish glass dildo will add glamour to your dildo collection and encourage you to become more adventurous. A massively attractive feature about glass wands are their ability to be heated up or cooled down. Just like a vibrating glass sex toy, this more straight-forward design can be submerged in warm water. By doing so, you can introduce and experiment with the dynamic of warmth during penetration and when stimulating your major and minor erogenous zones.

Glass Dildos, for the sex toy connoisseur

On the flipside, you can cool down your glass dildo by popping it in the fridge or submerging it in cold water. This basically turns your glass wand into an ice pop that feels incredible when slipped inside your hot zones. Slather it in lubricant and you will instantly benefit from the superb and smooth performance of such a toy. Straight up and down, textured, curvy, bulbous or angled, our stellar selection of glass dildos are not to be missed. If you want g-spot or prostate massage pleasure, wrap your hands and thighs around the Toy Joy's Glass Worxx G Spot Gemstone Glass Dildo, and the decadent Doc Johnson Glass Reflections Cool Glass Wand. For umpteen texture, check out the Icicles Rose Tentacle Glass Dildo No 24, as well as the Toy Joy Glass Worxx Diamond Dazzler Glass Dildo and the Icicles Textured Curve Glass Dildo No 18 for other textures and ambitious, aesthetic designs. Finally, for a touch of flower power you should introduce yourself to the perfectly pretty Icicles Romantic Rose Glass Dildo No 12 for g spot, vaginal and anal adventures.

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