Glass Sex Toys

Experimenting with different temperatures can lead to unusual sensations. The chill of ice or the haze of heat upon your genitals will stimulate you in different ways. If you want the best of both, glass dildos and glass vibrators are top of the iceberg! Glass sex toys are works of art. Hand crafted and of superb quality, these sparkling additions to your sex toy drawer will become some of the most versatile toys you'll ever own. How come? Well read on...

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Icicles No. 20 Glass Vibrator
Icicles No. 16 Glass Rabbit Vibrator
Buy Icicles Rose Tentacle Glass Dildo No 24 from Pipedream
Icicles No. 13 Glass Anal Plug
Icicles No. 14 Glass Anal Plug
Buy Icicles Gold Edition G05 Glass Vibrating Probe from Pipedream
Icicles 29 Hand Blown Glass Massager
Buy Icicles No 70 Purple Glass Dildo from Pipedream
Icicles No. 18 Glass GSpot Dildo
Icicles No.19 Glass GSpot Vibrator
Buy Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Kaleigh Dildo from Rimba
Buy Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Nikita Dildo from Rimba
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Items 1 to 15 of 15 total

Glass Vibrators

Straight laced glass dildos are fine and dandy but mix it up with some good vibrations too. Stand out glass vibrators include the glorious gold Doc Johnson Glass Love Vibrator (with raised ridges for maximum internal pleasure), the feminine Icicles Texture Waterproof Glass Vibrator No 19 and California Exotics' hot pink Crystal High Intense Vibrating Bullet for glass on the go.

Glass Straight Shaft Dildos

Glass dildos are the first to jump out. Crafted for exquisite vaginal and anal probing, these bold beauties will allow you to run the gamete of fire and ice. Why does that matter? No matter how good your current sex toy or your lover's hands, mouth and appendage maybe, there's always room for variation in the "Big O" department.

A glass dildo will give you just that with aplomb. Place it in the freezer or fridge to begin with. When your vibrator is suitably chilled trail it over your lover's naked skin to allow them to get used to the temperature. Less messy than an ice pop, your sleek, cold vibrator will awaken their erogenous zones before you move onto the main hot spots, internal and external. Slipping a cool piece of seamless glass between your thighs is an experience to be had. The marriage of sizzle with ice is mind-blowing! Want something sleek and simple to start you off?

Glass G-Spot Dildos

Glass g-spot dildos and vibrators dish out unreal internal stimulation with their curved heads, built to nudge and massage your p-spot or g-spot. Heat one up in warm water and feel it slip straight in. Just for men, the crystal clear Topco CyberGlass Perfect P-spot Plug is a wonder for prostate play and more so when combined with masturbation. Alternatively the Glassvibrations Man Dildo is smooth and comfortable and has a well-rounded head.

Women will have their g-spot titillated with one of the most texture glass dildos of the lot, the Icicles rose Tentacle Glass Dildo No 24, along with the Adam & Eve Cyberglass Pink indulgence Dildo. Want more? Keep the orgasms flowing with Icicles' Violet Blossom Glass Dildo No 17 or just go for the exotic with Glassvibrations' Little Dragon Dildo.



Glass Double Dongs

Sharing sex toys with your lover is great fun and a way to bond. Used responsibly with condoms, glass toys for two can give you a double header of hot and cold. Simply apply ice to one end and a hot water bottle to the other. The Icicles Rose Double Ended Glass Dildo No 23 is built for this, as is the easy to wield Phallix Amber Michael Signature Ray Gun.

Glass Dildos and Glass Vibrators at Bedroom Pleasures

Blow hot and cold with the Bedroom Pleasures gorgeous glass dildos and never go wanting for erotic experimentation again! Buy your glass dildo and glass vibrator from us and make it easy on your sex life and your bank balance. Bedroom Pleasures stocks an amazing selection of beautiful glass dildos, ranging from curved glass dildos and straight glass dildos, to rotary glass dildos and glass butt plugs. So no matter what type of glass dildo your heart desires, Bedroom Pleasures has it!