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Price Beat

Try out our Live Price Help service

Our friendly Price Beat team are available throughout the working day. To try out our friendly Price Beat service, simply click on Live Price Help or Contact Us. If we are not available, please go to our Contact us page.

There is no need to shop around - we have done all the hard work for you!

However, if you do buy from us and find the identical product at a cheaper price within 4 days of receiving it - we will refund the difference. That's a promise!

Price Beat Terms & Conditions will beat any price if the following conditions are met.

  • The cheaper product is being sold on a UK based web site.
  • The cheaper product is in stock & available for immediate dispatch.
  • The cheaper product is not listed as a sale or promotion item.
  • The alternative web site is not an auction site.

Seen a product cheaper somewhere else

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Once we have verified the cheaper product meets our Price Beat terms and conditions, we will beat that price at and even email you a link back to the item ready for you to purchase!