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Press Release - BedroomPleasures release the OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

19th September 2006

The online adult pleasure shop Bedroom Pleasures has announced that they will be the first in the UK launch of the fantastic new way for a woman to enjoy the ultimate pleasure as she listens to her favourite tunes on her iPod.

The new OhMiBod music powered vibrator is an eight inch long, 1 inch wide, insertable vibrator that connects directly with an iPod to give sensual pleasures that are in sync with any womans music choice. The OhMiBod vibrator has been designed to accompany the apple iPod, but it is also compatible with many other MP3 players, and isnt restricted to users of the iPod.

The OhMiBod vibrator uses an audio enabled microchip to convert the same sounds that are heard through the earphones into vibrations that will please in more ways than acoustically; at the same time as the lucky woman listens to her favourite songs. The vibrator works with any song to give the ultimate vibrations that coordinate with the beats and rhythms of the song being listened to.

The OhMiBod vibrator is silent, so as to not alert anyone of its presence when it is used, and if desired the vibrator can be used without the music, so this versatile piece of pleasure equipment can be used anywhere at any time.

There are also great accessories available for use with the OhMiBod vibrator: the OhMiBod mini garter is a discrete way to use the vibrator. The garter holds the iPod around the woman's leg, and because it comfortably straps around the bare leg the wires and evidence of the toy can be hidden from plain view, leaving the woman to enjoy her pleasure without anyone else having to know anything about it.

The other accessory for the OhMiBod vibrator is the OhMiBod sleeve. The OhMiBod sleeve is a textured softskin rubber coat that slips on over the vibrator core to give the vibrator some extra girth and a more realistic effect. The softskin sleeve feels soft and velvety to the touch and is designed especially for the OhMiBod vibrator to give it the ultimate feel.

The recommended retail price for the fantastic new OhMiBod vibrator is £69.99, but Bedroom Pleasures is pleased to announce that it can offer the new OhMiBod vibrator for only £37.99. As well as offering this discount rate Bedroom Pleasures will also deliver the new toy for no additional charge.

Find more details on this great offer at the iPod vibrator page on the Bedroom Pleasures website.

Product Link: OhMiBod iPod Vibrator.

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