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Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Small yet mighty, finger vibrators are a world of fun! Slip on a range of hood sleeves on your digits and feel the fervour that a ribbed vibrating tip will pass through your body. Made for the clitoris, the finger vibrator sends powerful pulsating waves directly to your nerve endings. Place the famous finger rabbit or other finger vibrators on your own or a partner’s finger and see how you can truly take control. Delicious… now you just have to pick which one!
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Screaming O FingOs Vibrating Finger Massager
Screaming O LingO Tongue Vibrator
Buy Soft & Bumpy Lust Fingers from Linx Kinx Minx
Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibe
Buy Exposed Sherry Finger Vibe from Blush Novelties
Buy Nasstoys Vibrating Finger Vibe Lavender from Nasswalk Toys
Buy Feelz Toys Rosa Finger Vibrator from FeelzToys
Buy Tricky Fingers Finger Sleeves from NMC Ltd
Tonguer Tongue Vibrators
Rocks Off Finger Tingles Vibrator Red
Buy Doc Johnson Goodhead Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink from Doc Johnson
Buy Seven Creations 4 Play Mini Couples Vibrating Kit from Seven Creations
Buy HOT Horny Honey Finger Play Dolphin from Hott Products Unlimited
Buy The Nympho Ultra Finger Vibrator from Nasswalk Toys
Lix Oral Tongue Vibrator
Jopen Key Aries Vibrating Finger Massager
Buy 3Way Tongue Joy Oral Microvibe Kit from Tongue Joy
Buy bswish Bteased Finger Vibrator from Bswish
Buy Finger Bang-her Vibe Purple from XR Brands
Buy Finger Banger Purple Vibrator from Adam and Eve
Buy Kiiroo Pearl 2 Interactive G-Spot Vibrator from Kiiroo
Buy Mae B Lovely Vibes Pink Finger Vibrator from Mae B
Rabbit Finger Sleeve
Buy Rechargeable Blowjob Vibrator from You2Toys
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Items 1 to 32 of 38 total
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Finger Vibrators are not novice Sex Toys

Sex toy newbies won't feel out of their depth with a small sex toy like a finger vibrator. Women beginning to explore their erogenous zones can use one with ease and trail it over their nipples, clitoris, inner vagina and anus. With compact features and a choice of either a steady or variable speeds (depending upon your budget), a finger vibrator is the perfect mainstay for any toy collection. Clitoral orgasms are the easiest to achieve for a majority of women, but even if you don't like direct clit stimulation and prefer to skirt around the edges, a finger vibrator or stimulator is built for just the job. Usually soft in feel and eye pleasing in design, these petite lovers are versatile enough to use on your partner too.

A Finger Vibrator are for couples too

Speaking of the latter first, a finger vibrator or stimulation sleeve will add that little extra touch of pleasure while masturbating your lover's penis or vagina as an addition to foreplay or during sexual positions where you have a free hand and a prime position to get involved. Stimulation sleeves are slender and textured pieces of jelly or silicone that slip over your index finger. Designed in a range of feels from bobbled to nodule and everything in between, if you have a multi pack you can add even more, for full body stimulation. The Topco Finger Vibrator With Pleasure Skin Sleeves offers the best of both worlds with a finger vibrator and these exact sensational stimulators mentioned. Finger rabbit vibrators are big business too and for good reason. The bunny ear clitoral orgasm providers are in full force along with a tiny motor that pumps out good vibrations. Budget beauties abound as well as more serious rabbits for those looking for an investment piece. Finger vibrators are small and effective and easy to stash for 'anytime' use.

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